Investigative Services

We conduct fraud or theft related investigation or forensic audits and have the capability as a Senior Consultant at NEXIA SAB&T Charted Accountants to conduct any large scaled forensic audit at a preferential rate.   Download my Nexia SAB& T profile HERE.

Bruce has more than 26 years investigative experience as a former Captain at the Johannesburg Commercial Crime Unit, as a Director and co-founder of MSS Consolidated Holdings (Pty)Ltd where we specialized in Forensic Audit and fidelity guarantee claims, as a Loss Adjuster in Complete Loss Adjusters CC, as a Senior Forensic Auditor for the Gauteng Shared Services Centre (GSSC - Provincial Government) and currently a Forensic Audit Consultant to various companies.

We can undertake any investigation such as:
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Fraud and corruption
Forensic audits
Stock and/or asset thefts and/or losses
Employee theft or fraud to dismiss, criminally charge and recover stolen misappropriated funds and to assist with the claims preparation process when claiming under your Fidelity Guarantee insurance cover
Stock or asset thefts
General investigations
We further work in association with other associates where we can provide the entire investigative framework, such as:
Undercover Investigations
Surveillance activities
Security Consultations and recommendations
Supply & installation of CCTV cameras and security equipment
Personal Protection (V.I.P. Protection & Bodyguarding)
Investigation of serious and/or violent crimes
Transporting of high value goods & Security Guards