Our normal hourly charge rate is currently R850 per billable hour and is extremely competitive, as we are charged out by other companies at R1 250 to R1 850 per billable hour, however we would like to build a long standing relationship with our clients and therefore if you sign a retainer agreement (basically placing us on your preferred supplier list or panel for these services), you can purchase hours in advance and qualify for discounted rates.

Normal monthly billed hourly rate

We charge a billable hourly rate of R850 per hour, payable within 5 days on presentation of our monthly Invoice (if work was done and as agreed in terms of our signed investigation proposal).  A deposit will be required for 1st time engagements or where other costs are identified and will be negotiated accordingly.

Monthly Retainer Contract (MRC) - paid monthly in advance

Flexible month to month retainer contract.  A company can purchase any amount of hours at the beginning of each calendar month at R800 per hour (standard rate discounted by R50 per hour).  Excess hours will be invoiced at our standard rate of R850 per hour on the 25th and is payable on the 30th of the same month. 

Retainer Hours are paid monthly in advance on or before the 30th of the month where the services are required. 

Unused hours are carried over for up to 1 year and hours are flexible as and when needed by the client - scheduled as appointments or say 2 hours a week or 4 hours for one week a month etc.

On Annual Retainer Contract (ARC) - paid monthly in advance

Here a company purchase a minimum of 20 hours per month at R650 per hour (standard rate discounted by R200 per hour).  Therefore the minimum Monthly Retainer Contract will be for R13 000 per month, paid monthly in advance.  

We will discount our standard hourly billable rate of R650 per hour as follows: 

-   20 hours per month: R650 per hour, therefore R13 000 per month;
-   30 hours per month: R600 per hour, therefore R18 000 per month;
-   50 hours per month will be at R550 per hour, therefore R27 500 per month; and
-   70 hours per month will be at R500 per hour, therefore R35 000 per month.

Unused hours are carried over and will only expire after 1 year.

Annual contract.  Very flexible as additional hours can be secured monthly in advance at your current annual retainer rate and the contract can be terminated by giving two (2) calendar months notice.  Hours used outside the retainer rate will be billed at R50 per hour more than your current ARC rate.


Travel costs are charged at R4,00 per kilometer.  All other expenses such as toll gates are charged at our cost.
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